Silly Rabbit Motorsport 4.0TT Intake Upgrade

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The largest intake system that's available for the 4.0tt platform with a true full 2.5" intake runner all the way to the turbo.  Inlet depression on the stock turbo can reach 750mbar while our inlet pipe doesn't drop below 900  resulting in a free 3-4psi on the top end.  30-40hp gains consistently at redline.  5 axis machined inlet snouts are welded to mandrel-bent tubing specifically designed for this application.  Fits S6 S7 RS6 RS7 4.0TFSI applications.  This does NOT fit the D4 S8.

***Back Order 1-2 weeks***

*If purchasing for model A8, please purchase our S8 intakes*

Black Powder Coated

Installation DIY -

Fits S6 S7 RS6 RS7 A8 4.0tfsi applications.  This does NOT fit the D4 S8.

Dyno graph is a before and after of swapping stock RS7 Inlets to our inlets on our +4 turbos.

The other chart shows the reduction of turbocharger inlet pressure drop. 65% at stock power/airflow levels and increasingly higher.


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